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From the system structure and the principle of water heating
The working principle of the warm water of the heating system
Water heating is to water for fluid in pipeline operation to heating of the ground heating system, to understand the working principle of warm water, first of all need to know the water to warm the system structure. Water is warm by the heat source device (usually hanging furnace), diversity water heater, heating pipe, heating coil and a temperature control system.
Heat source equipment: the water to warm the heat source equipment is mainly gas hanging stove or condensing gas boiler landing, as well as with Courtyard Villa users often use ground source heat pump. Now a lot of boiler can be natural gas, gas dual-use, easy conversion. Heat source equipment can not only warm water heating, can also provide hot water.
Diversity water heater: diversity water device is the whole heating system of hot water are uniformly distributed to each branch, in floor heating tube after cycling together, and then in the pump hydraulic redistribution, to ensure the safety of the heating system and normal operation of the. The water quantity of the water in the sub - sub - water - water - can be adjusted, and it can be installed in each branch.
Main heating pipe: the charge is nearly headed pipe connected with a water segregator part, main pipeline generally use aluminium plastic composite pipe, need to do heat preservation, because this section of pipeline often heat dissipating capacity, easy to cause the heat in transit loss increase, or cause the pipeline to oxidation. In the heating system in a small apartment layout, charge the amount of small, relatively simple to. But in the big Huxing villa or penthouse floor, floor heating system, many competent dosage and need to professional designers to design director to, and the director installation requirements are more stringent.
Heating coil: the water to warm the heating coil that is, we often say that the floor heating pipe, a major role is transport heat and heating floor, so the resistance to low temperature impact, long-term water pressure requirements.
Temperature control system: the use of independent gas heating users of heating thermostat, through the accurate detection of the indoor temperature, the measured temperature signals transmitted to the thermostat inside with the user set temperature contrast, until the automatic adjustment of the indoor temperature to set our ideal temperature. The common temperature controller has the liquid crystal screen temperature controller, the new type has the wireless programmable temperature controller.
The principle of warm water and warm water
Warm water system is by the wall hanging furnace burning natural gas or coal gas, heating, hot water heating to below 60 DEG C, then through the circulating pump hot water in the floor of floor heating tube circulation, thus heating floor, ground through homogeneous radiation to make the indoor warming. This heating method can reduce the air convection, reduce the loss of water, avoid the air drying caused by physical discomfort. In addition, each room can be set up independently of the water heater, the water heater is connected to a separate temperature controller, can switch or adjust the temperature at any time.
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