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Ten major problems Chinese heating industry who answers?
1, the process of urbanization makes many cities in China has become a "big site", like a forest of cranes and erected buildings, to give our warm industry more room for development, the heating market capacity of rapid growth. Are we ready to design, construction, material selection, commissioning, after-sales service, to ensure the design of the realization of the temperature and the safe operation of the system? Practitioners are more and more, can be responsible for the work seriously? Warm to warm the construction general contractor unit price, and can satisfy the engineering quality requirements?
2, the heating system is integrated in the price war under the background of technical content is more and more low, we are ready to upgrade the industry? Are we ready to face a tough price war?
3, a large number of projects in the construction, a lot of warm practitioners in increased, which requires us to more carefully, otherwise, the industry development speed is too fast, problems are more and more hidden dangers. We have reason to believe that, if the price is too much to consider, to deal with the behavior of the price of the price or may have some quality and cost of conflict. Potential risks to the entire industry at the time of the outbreak!
4, household metering and control these two terms, believe that people are not strange to warm. The design and installation of the control system, strictly speaking, now is simple and extensive. "Control" is what? At present, the control is still only on the shutdown, the control of the device has not been mentioned on the budget and schedule. What's the number of the harvest? The current energy-saving emission reduction with a low carbon climate, but also a very high position of the sub metering, the state and the government began to provide policy and financial support. So, are we ready? Simple heat metering can be real-time, accurate? Does the heat and electricity, water, the control of power, measurement method is the same?
5, faced with the more and more construction, we can come true one by one application of floor heating and household control and metering technology, products, butt? Understand technology, meeting management, project is a problem, should not be we have to step up to do?
6, China is so big, practitioners so many, whether there is a professional training organization and human resources? Enterprises to develop, the industry to develop, light on experience and training, to solve many problems? Why graduates do not understand the HVAC heating? To experts and professionals need to play a role in how long? That is, they are able to come to the war, the war can win?
7, different heat conditions require different solutions, system integration is not only the responsibility of the manufacturers, but also the responsibility of all my colleagues in the industry. We are a community of interests, so how can we become a whole, play the role of the whole? What kind of technical support do we need to work as a regional market? What kind of problems need to be solved?
8, the house is good, but what is good? What is the future trend? Can we do that? What are we thinking of? What are we need to improve and strengthen? Just walk around to see, do not satisfy their craving, we need domestic floor heating technology and international standards, domestic products in line with international standards, and promote the industry development. Are we all ready for this?
9, there are many people don't know warm? Don't know to can bring warmth and comfort? In addition to not know can bring warmth and comfort, but also save energy, save the cost? In addition, for different levels of the family, we can achieve the number of comfort system solutions?
Since 10, the development of heating industry, which also need to industry standards and national standards? Industry management rules we all know? Industry standards of scientific, normative and practical for the industry to bring what? The use of many years of the "ground radiation heating technology," did bring the industry's development, but it needs to be updated, what are the current regulations have been updated? National standards are not able to stand in a higher level of supervision of the development of the industry? When will the national standard be released? Fighting in the front line of production is to warm the people have the right to speak? Provide a platform to express their views to the industry can really love warm, is committed to the promotion of warm people?
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